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Bridge of Care

Helping others is our mission. Your partnership makes it possible. Regular monthly support provides a Bridge of Care to help better the lives of vulnerable families of Fremont County.

Loaves and Fishes Ministries is an eligible project within the Central Colorado Enterprise Zone. This status provides an additional 25% state tax credit for cash contributions of $250 or more annually when the contributor pays state tax with an itemized return. information.

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Stories and/or testimonials


Before moving into New Creations Inn, I was living under a bridge with my boyfriend. I was struggling with a meth addiction and my boyfriend was allowing other men to take advantage of me. My emotional health was a roller coaster, I was struggling with anxiety, depression, and anger. New Creations Inn allowed me to get my bearings, to take time to get my head back on straight. I was living in a safe community, surrounded by people who cared about me and encouraged me along the way. My self-esteem increased; I began seeing a professional counselor. I stayed at New Creations Inn for 15 months. Upon graduation I was able to move

into Journey Home, the new supportive housing complex. Since living at Journey Home, I have gotten a full-time job and I am enjoying having my own apartment.

I came to the emergency shelter after being kicked out from the place I was staying. Within a few days of being at the shelter I had a heart attack. I was so worried about where I would go after I was released from the hospital. The emergency shelter held my bed for me. I was able to go back and the staff cared for me as I recovered. The staff provided encouragement and made sure I had my medications and followed up with my doctor appointments. From the shelter I was able to move into Journey Home, this is the first time I have had my own place in over 7 years.

I came to the emergency shelter pregnant. I was alone and scared, not sure what I was going to do next. While at the shelter, I went into labor. An ambulance was called and I gave birth to beautiful little girl. Having no place to go upon being released from the hospital, I returned to the shelter with my new born baby. The staff and other residents staying there had gotten baby clothes, a bassinette, diapers and others things to help me. I stayed at the shelter for a couple of months before I was able to find a place to rent.

My son and I were living in my parent’s garage. I needed help with setting boundaries in my relationships. I was accepted into the Restoring Hope program. The staff helped me find an apartment to rent. While on the program I met weekly with my case manager and created and followed a budget. She also taught me how I set boundaries with others. The life skills were very informative. We had classes on parenting, boundaries, budgeting, and caring for ourselves. But the best part, was actually meeting other families in the program and building positive and healthy relationships with them. My son and I are healthier and our relationship with one another is stronger because of the support I received from the Restoring Hope staff.